Main Numbers:

910 k post secondary students
1,310 distance learning centers
143 campuses
28 k students in LFG Preparatory Courses
53 k students in Unregulated Courses
227 k primary and secondary education students
687 associated schools

About Kroton Educacional

Kroton Educacional is one of the largest private educational organizations in Brazil and worldwide, with a trajectory of over 50 years rendering services in the Primary & Secondary education segment and over 15 years in Postsecondary Education. In 2010, Kroton acquired IUNI Educacional Group, an institution which also offered on-campus undergraduate and graduate programs; in 2011, the highlight was the acquisition of Universidade Norte do Paraná (Unopar), the largest distance learning institution in the county. To crown this intense rhythm of acquisitions, in 2013, Kroton carried out the largest investment in its history: its merger with Anhanguera, thereby consolidating its leadership in both the on-campus and distance learning segments. Finally, on October 11, Kroton concluded the operation to acquire the controlling interest in Somos in yet another transformational step for the Company, which now integrates a complete platform offering solutions, products and services to Brazil’s entire Primary & Secondary Education segment, which include schools, learning systems, textbooks, digital content, language courses and other businesses.

Currently, Kroton has 143 Postsecondary Education campuses, spread across 20 states and 101 cities in Brazil, in addition to the 1,310 Distance Learning centers accredited by the Ministry of Education (MEC) located in all Brazilian states and in the Federal District. The Company has, in Primary and Secondary Education, 687 associated schools in all Brazilian states, as well as own schools under the brands Pitágoras, Leonardo da Vinci and Lato Sensu.

Fully committed to good corporate governance practices and excellence in its investor relations, Kroton seeks to ensure efficient and transparent information disclosure. Its shares are listed on the Novo Mercado of São Paulo’s Stock Exchange – B3 (KROT3) and on the OTCQX in New York (KROTY).


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Last update: November 13, 2018