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Academic VP

The Academic VP is responsible for a complex and detailed academic model production chain. Click to find out the stages that comprise this structure:

Definition of the profile of graduating students

Definition of the competences

Content selection

Structuring of the curriculum matrix

Organization of the teaching plan

Creation of didactic material

Provision of didactic material

Application of KLS to the excellence of the teaching-learning process

Evaluation of the proficiency of students

Application of the Maximum Grade Challenge and Proficiency Evaluation

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KLS (Kroton Learning System)

The model proposes a new way of seeing the learning process, in which new technologies as used as important tools to guarantee the protagonism and the autonomy of our students in their formation journeys.

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Academic Success

Is defined as the capacity to promote and measure Access, Engagement and Learning associated to the KLS 2.0 model. Click on the buttons to find out:




Kroton must maximize the KLS experience, increasing the model's penetration and its adaptation and use in legacy models.
Kroton must obtain satisfactory regulatory results, which generate value and allow access to resources and portfolio expansion.


Students and Teachers must have access to the academic products in the agreed time and with the agreed quality. In order to obtain Engagement, adequate access is necessary, with no flaws.
Students and Teachers need to understand their roles, connect themselves with common goals, dedicate themselves and be rewarded. We need to provide the means and disseminate the "big dream".
Students and Teachers need to demonstrate adequate proficiency and develop the necessary competences in their professional lives and to guarantee their performance in ENADE (student).
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Last update: January 12, 2018