On February 8, 2011, Kroton announced Shareholders and the market in general that entered into a Market Maker Service Agreement with a Brazilian brokerage company, BTG PACTUAL CORRETORA DE TÍTULOS E VALORES MOBILIÁRIOS S.A., to serve as the market maker of the registered shares issued by the Company (“KROT3”), to be valid for the period of twelve (12) months, which may be extended for equal periods, at the parties’ discretion, by means of an addendum to the agreement, with the purpose of promoting the liquidity of said shares.

The market maker is a trading agent committed to maintain bid and ask orders on a regular and continuous basis at a maximum fixed spread, facilitating transactions and avoiding artificial share price movements caused by lack of liquidity.

Type of Security Stock
Stock Code KROT3
Maximum Spread
Minimum Batch per Offer 5,000
Standard Batch of the Asset 100
Market Maker BTG Pactual CTVM S.A.
Deadline of the Contract 12 months, automatically extendable for undetermined period
Contract in Force since 02/03/11
Beginning of Contract Term 12/05/12


Last update: January 23, 2018